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‘Wondue’ This versatile dining table contains a hidden cooking unit and is suitable for a variety of culinary uses – wok-cooked meals, fondue, racklette and more. Recommended for sitting by the ‘Wondue’ are the ‘Wofo’ chairs, as they provide distance and safety from the heating unit, as well as a comfortable, ergonomic sitting posture, suitable both for ‘normal’ eating, and when having wok or fondue meals.


‘Gamble’ An adjustable games table for 1-4 players. The Upper surface square contains rising pieces hiders (for cards, domino pieces, Remy cub, etc.), a rotating round plate, (for scrabble etc.), which can be mechanically controlled with a timer, & a revolving two-sided square board.


‘Ea-table’ A dining table with a central heating unit within its upper plate. ‘Ea-table’ comes in 2 variants – with 4 drawers, or with 4 opening wings, which enable comfortable seating for 12 people .


‘Art-able’ I & II A light, 4-legged round table for drawing & painting. Ideal for courses, as these tables are light, can pile up & save space. Variant I is designated for drawing, and includes an adjustable picture holder, a glass support unit & preparation for a lamp... Variant II includes also a revolving unit for a pallet, glasses, & painting accessories. Recommended as complementary to these tables – the ‘Archairs’.

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