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While this part should consist of dozens of names – of people  who encouraged me, assisted me, criticised me, angered me, and in all sorts of ways kept me awake and questioning, - special thanks for their inspiration, trust, and encouragement goes to:

Israel Hadani, my close friend and an ingenious sculptor, committed  to wholeness and truth in whatever he touches

Yaron Toren, a brilliant friend and ‘Upcycle’ partner, with feet firmly planted on the ground yet with vision that goes well  beyond the horizon

Michal Porat & Grisha Bluger, friends with a healthy combination of heart, wisdom and sense of humor ….

Richard von Weizsacker, a dear late friend, who encouraged me to devote my life to making a difference

Werner Erhard & Landmark Education, whose courses offered me a fertile ground & infrastructure to explore & push myself beyond imaginary frontiers.

Joseph Jenkins, who, by being a living example of what sustainability is about, opened the gate to the issues which interest me today. 

My father, a most knowleagable and wise person, with good taste and a clear mind, who trusted me even when when I did not.

My mother, a brave, down to earth woman, who believed in functionality and hated waste of any kind, committed to ecology long before the concept was raised…

And finally, my Family- Shelly, my wife, and Noga, Yuli & Naama, my daughters, who are willing to put up with (most of) my ideas, and even be the guinea pigs

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