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Drawing & painting courses

‘on the Right side of the brain’


Basic Drawing -> Color Drawing -> Painting


What’s so special about these courses?

  • The Knowledge – the course is based on brain research & finding about cognitive skills, and their implementation in drawing & Painting.

  • The experience – Through a series of Unique and fascinating exercises, an opening of huge creative potential is created, and a space for personal profound visual self-expression.

  • The Result – the courses enables reaching impressive achievements in perception & drawing within a very short period.

Who can attend?

  • Adults, youth or children  (no previous experience required).

  • Students who want to apply to art studies (assistance in presentation file preparation)

  • Companies & institutions.

In what Format are the courses conducted?

  • Yearly - weekly sessions, of 1.5, 2 or 2.5 hours every week.

  • Workshops – for companies or institutions.

  • Marathons – Condensed 40 hours drawing course, during 1-2 weeks.

The Basic Drawing course (Drawing on the right side of the brain)


In this course we:

  • Improve our 5 Perceptual skills of:

  1. Edges

  2. Spaces & Composition

  3. Perspectives & Relations

  4. Lights & shadows

  5. The whole

  • Learn how our brain operates

  • Review our history as artists

  • Exercise various drawing techniques

  • Use special course designated tools & equipment 

The color Drawing course


This course*:

  • Introduces us to the world of color, its basic rules & characteristics

  1. The color wheel

  2. Values

  3. Density

  • Exercise various coloring material like colored pencils, crayons, dry & wet pastel, ink etc. & work on different kinds of paper.

  • Study color relations, light effects, different harmonies, contrasts & grading techniques etc.  


*(this course is designated for graduates of the basic drawing course).

The Painting course


This course offers:

  • A deep understanding of the basic structure & vocabulary of color.

  • A practical method of harmonizing color combinations through

  1. Perceiving how light affects color.

  2. Understanding how colors affect one another.

  3. Manipulating hue, Value, & intensity of colors.

  4. Balancing color in still life paintings.

  • An Understanding and practice in making use of colors as a mean of self expression.

*(this course is designated for graduates of the basic & the color drawing courses.)

The Atmosphere


  • Where? Herzliya - inside, outside, even in a coffee house.

  • Languages? Hebrew, English, German, French.

  • What? Lectures, demonstrations, exercises...

  • Music?  Mostly Jazz & classical.

  • Refreshments? Coffee, fresh tea (from the garden) water.


These drawing tables & Stools, which can pile up and take very little space, were designed by me especially for this course, offering flexibility of usage, according to the students sizes & needs, and the courses various exercises.

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