RoadHub - Accelerating urban commute with innovative infrastructure design: Our novel range of solutions includes a complete system highway interchange, a public transportation hub with Park & Ride, and an urban services hub — all in one complex, with zero added land. By using SRI (Spiral Ring Interchange) and CPRS (Complete Park & Ride System) within a single complex we can lower traffic congestion, reduce emissions, and minimize time spent on commuting. A satellite system of such complexes built around an urban area can reduce the amount of cars entering the city by the tens of thousands, creating a huge positive impact.


SRI is a patented, innovative design geometry with a spiral construction that provides minimal land footprint and maximal vehicle flow. Its unique layout of tightly knit left-turns forgoes the need for widely-spread ramps or multi-level overpasses, resulting in the smallest complete system interchange in existence.


CPRS is a patented, innovative, efficient and user-friendly facility that combines parking areas, public transportation, an urban services hub, and safe pedestrian accessibility. It can integrate with roads, intersections and interchanges to provide an efficient exchange point between different modes of transportation.


Saving land: SRI and CPRS provide needed urban infrastructure while using much less land than existing solutions. SRI can free at least 30% of the land that would have been taken up by any other type of complete system highway interchange, while maintaining the same level of vehicle flow.


New markets: The small footprint of SRI opens an entirely new market for building complete system highway interchanges in tight locations where such solutions were previously thought of as impossible.


Transportation efficiency: Our combined complex allows commuters to leave their vehicles at the interchange and easily continue their journey to the heart of the city by public transportation. This means optimal access to several means of transportation without getting stuck in traffic. The city benefits from a reduction in traffic jams and delays caused by parking searches, making it more competitive as a high-quality place to live and work in.


Economic benefit: Our solutions encourage modern financing methods. The city offers a tender for constructing the infrastructure, then pays for it by providing firms the right to build and rent out commercial real-estate within the interchange. The city profits twice: from the relocation of land-wasting operations to the salvaged land inside the interchange, and by providing vital infrastructure without having to spend huge public budgets on it.


The venture is entering the digital phase!

We partner with a software company, to create software for planners of interchanges, Park & Ride and public transportation stations. This software will compare the existing interchange geometries to ours (by space, output, construction price, etc.), as well as examine the optional number of parking spaces, and the size of public transportation stations. Planners will then also be able to comparatively examine how much real estate can be built over the transportation complex. The software will greatly streamline the preliminary planning phase of various transportation infrastructures, and will appeal to a wide audience of planners.

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