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RoadHub - Accelerating urban commute with innovative infrastructure design: Our novel range of solutions includes a complete system highway interchange, a public transportation hub with Park & Ride, and an urban services hub — all in one complex, with zero added land. By using SRI (Spiral Ring Interchange) and CPRS (Complete Park & Ride System) within a single complex we can lower traffic congestion, reduce emissions, and minimize time spent on commuting. A satellite system of such complexes built around an urban area can reduce the number of cars entering the city by the tens of thousands, creating a huge positive impact. Currently, RoadHub consists of 3 innovations:


  • SRI (Spiral Ring Interchange) is a patented, innovative design geometry with a spiral construction that provides minimal land footprint and maximal vehicle flow. Its unique layout of tightly knit left-turns forgoes the need for widely spread ramps or multi-level overpasses, resulting in the smallest complete system interchange in existence.


  • CPRS (Complete Park & Ride System) is a patented, innovative, efficient, and user-friendly facility that combines parking areas, public transportation, an urban services hub, and safe pedestrian accessibility. It can integrate with roads, intersections and interchanges to provide an efficient exchange point between different modes of transportation.


  • Hub-Struct is a profit-producing real estate planning, integrated with these interchanges and parking lots, such as logistical & industrial centers which could benefit from operating in such a location


RoadHub was founded with my friend & partner, Yaron Toren.


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