S.R.I - The Spiral Ring Interchange An invention of a novel traffic full interchange (without lights or stops) with a unique geometry, which offers the following advantages:

  • Areas - saves more than 35% of the space required by any other full interchange in existence today, thusly opening a very needy new market for small full interchanges.

  • Traffic- responds to high speed & capacity demands, and the highest traffic / space efficiency, while offering safe driving with direct passages and no weaving situations.

  • Costs – Moderate construction expenditure, but saved space of many hectares, and of real estate expenses can reach saving of $ billions per interchange. 

  • Global novelty - a 6 directions one-point full interchange.

S.R.I. is a joint venture with my friend & partner, Yaron Toren 

S.R.I. is internationally PCT registered in WIPO, and regionally in many other places.

For more details please contact through this site.

C.P.R.S. - a Complete park & Ride System A transportation system which enables independent and efficient accessibility between different functional authorities (the private sector, Park & ride hubs, car-pull arrangements, Public transportation systems, pedestrians, & other services) as closely as possible to ways or crossroads, junctions or Interchanges, even when the crossing directions are applied by different kinds of transportation, 

C.P.R.S. is filed as a provisional. For more details please contact through this site

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