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Looking for things I couldn't find anywhere, I became a planner / designer. The first project of my own planning and building was the ‘Wondue’  table, from which I went on to other pieces of furniture, designed for specific functions.These were eventually followed by home design (apartments and private houses). Around 2005 I began going green, and started experimenting with water-saving systems, compostation, and green architecture. I participated & initiated several active community-focused design projects, which included Purim parades, green planning worshops, public parks etc. Since 2010, I’ve been developing projects aimed at providing solutions to  global environmental issues such as solid plastic waste, transportation& smart city infrastructure, water treatment and desertification. In two of these ventures, my partner Yaron Toren and I have internationally registered patents. Since 1996, I've also been giving drawing and Painting courses ‘on the right side of the brain’, to students of all ages. This experience keeps teaching me to always ‘live within questions’ and look afresh at things – perhaps the most important quality an inventor and designer should have.

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