UCDCS - The Urban Community Dry Compostation system

The Vision – A large scale, duplicable, Dry Compostation system, for an urban community of 100,000 people.

The experience - an operating, impeccable, Dry Compostation toilet system which exist in my house since 2007, resulting a reduction of 35% of water consumption (and costs), almost 100% reduction of littered organic waste, and an approximate yearly amount of 1.2 cubic meter of excellent, valuable, compost.

The mission - is to plan & adjust this technology to a large community scale, and replace our flawed, problematic systems of human waste removal with a sustainable, resourceful & economical, eco-friendly system.

UCDCS would help reduce household water consumption, pollution of the soil and undercurrent water, and the cost of infrastructure & maintenance of septic systems. It would also transform humanure to valuable fertilizing material.

  • Plans for private User-friendly, no-hassle toilets.

  • Plans of all the basic & maintenance, domestic accessories.

  • An infrastructure basic prototype setup, fit for private houses as well as high-rise apartment buildings.

  • The planning of required transportation services, and a complete process flow chart.

  • The Prototype planning of a clean, nearby Compostation site.

  • An urban infrastructure model plan which can be duplicated for bigger & smaller communities.


For more details please contact through this site – see above