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U-ComposTech – a wholistic, urban scale, zero-waste system, which uses all domestic excess organic material, for dry compostation, with minimal usage of water.


The experience - an operating, impeccable, Dry Compostation system which exist in my house since 2007, resulting in a reduction of 35% of water consumption (and costs), almost 100% reduction of littered organic waste, and an approximate yearly amount of 1.2 cubic meters of excellent, valuable, compost.

U-ComposTech's mission - is planning & adapting this technology to multi-story buildings and a large community scale, so as to replace our flawed, problematic septic systems of human excreta removal, with a sustainable, resourceful & economical, eco-friendly system.

U-ComposTech will affect the following areas:

  • Reduce domestic water consumption & costs by 30-35%

  • Lower the pollution of the soil and undercurrent water.

  • Lower the costs of infrastructure & maintenance of septic systems and landfills.

  • Reduce the recurring need for expensive landfill areas

  • Enable sewage-free neighborhoods and independence from the municipal sewage system.

  • transform all the organic excess materials into valuable fertilizing material.

  • Assist in fertilizing the soil and fight desertification


Collaborations: U-ComposTech has collaborated with B. Gaon Holding Group, which owns pipe manufacturers and an innovation-oriented R&D department to optimize a freeflow system, which would be integrated with all the domestic units, the maintenance accessories, and the compostation system.

“Waste does not exist in nature – it is a human… concept, a product of our Ignorance” (Joseph Jenkins)

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