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‘Wofo’ An ergonomic Chair, which offers perfect support for the lower back, maximal uptake & division of body weight, thusly-minimal back stress, and closest distance to any table and least leaving space. “Wofo” exists in 4 different chair models: “Wofo”- the basic model, "Wofokid" - for small children, with a wide base and adjustable headrests, "Woffice" – with a mobile base and "Wofooter" for desktop computer such as office model with armrests.


Gauders’ I, II, III, IV Designed for erect seating with maximal support in the lower back and spine, and freedom of movement in the upper back and shoulder blades areas. ‘Gauder’ exists in 4 variants differing in the design & location of the legs.


‘Ply-wooders’ These chairs, offered in a variety of widths, are made of intertwined wood and plywood & designed for erect seating with maximal support in the area of the lower back and spine. Wheels in the back Legs and an all direction ball bearing roller in the front leg enable easy moving of the chair.


‘Artchair’ 'Artchair' is a light, 4 legged, round stool that can pile up and save space.

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