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Clicko-Brick - A patented, wholistic green tech start-up that offers a pre-planned functional, ecologic, and economic solution to the issue of disposable plastic containers, alternative to recycling, and tackles needs & opportunities in various construction fields.

Clicko-Bricks are integrating & interlocking, modular plastic containers pre-planned planned for short-term use, for water, other liquids, grains, powder, etc., and for long-term reuse as multi-purpose smart building blocks. As such, Clicko-Brick’s application range is almost infinite – just to name a few:

  • 'CIT' & 'Let's go Click' - domestic DIY & building games

  • 'Clicko-Build' – Industrialized modular building, from manual to fully automated.

  • 'Clicko-Float' - Floating Decks, docks, structures for agriculture, solar energy, leisure, etc.

  • Click-Aid'- building in disaster-prone such as floods & earthquakes areas, poor neighborhoods, refugee camps, etc.


Clicko-Brick was founded with my friend & partner, Yaron Toren.


Plastic waste? Don't lose it… reuse it!


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